Russian Bear Tablets

This LEGENDARY RUSSIAN POWERHOUSE formula synergizes adaptogens, metabolic intermediates, exogenous activators and energetics for an immediate kick in power and energy for competitive, Hardcore Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes. Boosted with VITAMINS• MINERALS• ANTIOXIDANTS• METHYL DONORS and KREBS CYCLE INTERMEDIATES as well as NATURAL TESTOSTERONE and LIBIDO BOOSTERS is the foundation for serious muscle enhancement.

Dr. Val Vasilef, Researcher in Advanced Nutrition and Sport Science – winner of numerous physical fitness awards including MR. AMERICA, and WORLD RECORD BREAKER for ONE-ARM CURL at 150½-pounds was inspired by his Uncle John, the strongest man in Russia “The Original Russian Bear” to develop this synergistic system. Follow this well-guarded secret of USA and Russian Champions to gain quick results. Visit for a complete bodybuilding training program and training insight from the legendary John Grimek.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement for adults, For Hard Core Bodybuilding take a total of 8 tablets per day – preferably during meal times. For maintenance dose take half the amount of RUSSIAN BEAR tablets as recommended.


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Russian Bear Bodybuilding Products was developed by Russian descendant Dr. Val Vasilef, N.D.
winner of over 80 physique power and weightlifting awards including Mr. America and world-renowned Researcher in Advanced Nutrition and Sport Science.
“During my career I had made worldwide contacts in muscle-building and sports industries and nutritional science. These included hi-tech Russian researchers, U.S. and World Champions
and The two-time Nobel Prize winner Chemist Linus Pauling whom shared with me vital cutting edge nutritional biochemistry and valuable insights that I have integrated into Russian Bear Products.”
Along with the wisdom and inspiration of his Uncle John, the strongest man in Russia “The Russian Bear”, Val succeeded in designing a powerful revolutionary muscle-building system
for beginners, competitive, serious Hardcore Bodybuilders, weightlifters and Professional Athletes in all sports rightfully named RUSSIAN BEAR.

Important Rules To Follow:

1. Don’t miss workouts.

2. Don’t deviate from Russian Bear System of proper Muscle Confusion.

3. Change your exercise every Two Weeks.

4. Don’t Skip any day of taking Russian Bear supplement as your nutritional support.

5. Don’t socialize when training. Concentrate on your workout and finish your training within I-½ hours. Growth Hormone (GH) greatly decreases after one hour of exercise. Go through your sets promptly.


Legendary World-Renowned two-time Mr. America and Mr. Universe

 “For positive results it’s important that you attack your training with sincere enthusiasm, thus making sure that all the effort you put into training helps you to derive the utmost results from what you do. With such concentrated effort your muscles will pump up and congest quicker requiring less time and effort to accomplish the physical goal you are training for. Of course, remember, overnight results never hap­pen but with such effort eventual results will be forthcoming. However, keep in mind that outstanding results happen not only from training but from what you put into your body … good nutrients that will replenish and rebuild the tissue broken down during training. Nutrients will not only rebuild the exercised area bigger but also stronger, when ample resistance is provided in such exercises. This is the best way and not by ingesting steroid anabolic substances that may work but could in the long run destroy your body’s functional balance.

Do it the NATURAL WAY for more positive, permanent and safe results. It’s the only way!”


Val reflects on his collaboration with John Grimek:

“My friend John Grimek was a rare athlete who had the ability to perform in Olympic lifting and had the agility to excel in acrobatics plus he was considered the greatest in displaying muscle control throughout his body. John and I worked out Bodybuilding Programs for the Russian Bear Products. He considered Russian Bear his supplementation of choice. It was truly an honor to spend many hours with him in discussion on exercise, proper nutrition and bodybuilding supplements.”

view Val’s televised exclusive interview with John Grimek on YouTube

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