Incredible Weight Gainer


  • Zero Fat
  • 46 grams per serving of MCTs
  • Highest Protein content – 292 grams per serving!
  • Super-charged anabolic formula

Incredible Quick Weight Gain 5000 was scientifically designed for the average person, bodybuilder or athlete who’s tried everything to gain solid weight but could not; or just for the person who wants lean hard gain without putting on unwanted fat. Incredible Quick Weight Gain 5000 contains a super-charged anabolic formula that is so far advanced and high tech that it is impossible to compare it to any other weight gain product. It is the Champion of Champs in producing the greatest results in rock hard, lean weight gain quickly!

Incredible Quick Weight Gain 5000 contains:

  • 292 grams of protein per serving
  • 46 grams per serving of MCTs – that CANNOT be stored as body fat!
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial sweeteners

Incredible Quick Weight Gain 5000 comes in a convenient 4 lb. size, and is available in both Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream flavors!

Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix one serving together with one gallon of whole milk and drink throughout the day. Small drinks are preferable and can be spread out over one to four days. Drink whenever you choose, including 30 minutes before bedtime. You will find Incredible Quick Weight Gain 5000 to taste great, even if water is preferred instead of milk. You may also mix in a blender with ice for a delicious frosty milkshake.

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