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2016-08-01_15-06-16What’s the most devastating day in a woman’s life? Yes you guessed it, a bad hair day! Hair products have evolved to a billion dollar industry. Great Hair Vitamins help restore hair to shiny healthy and radiant!

In the early days, a comb or a good hairbrush with a fancy shampoo was all that was needed to make a girl happy. Especially if the shampoo had a sweet scent of flowers. As time rolled on straitening and curling irons was added to the mix of products to help glamorize the ladies hair. Then came the ever sexy look of a blonde. You might have heard of the cliche, “blonde’s have more fun.” Hollywood produced several platinum blondes with a seductive alluring nature to add zest to their movies. May West, the 30’s and 40’s seductive blonde actress’ famous words; “Come up and see me sometime big boy” hit the movie reels. In later years, Marilyn Monroe took the spotlight with the film, “Some like It Hot.” Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose of her on the street stradling an air grate with her dress blowing up, she laughingly tried to hold down her dress causing a near riot. This photo indubitably portrayed that blondes have more fun.
This of course produced products which stripped the color from the hair with bleach. Thus, damaging the hair. The hair industry smiled broadly and came out with a slew of products that claim to “revitalize” the damaged hair. Especially the conditioners that claim to repair the split ends or known as frayed hair. How the heck can you truly repair split ends? That’s like believing in the tooth fairy. The hair industry’s questionable marketing techniques has taken the ladies down a path of fantasy.
There are several products which include heated straitening and curling irons that should obviously be taken off the market. They are devastating to the health of your hair. The blow dryer takes a back seat to no one. It produces intense high heat that can melt plastic. What in sam hill do you think it does to your hair? Last but not least, the blessing of hair extensions. I have seen girls with healthy beautiful hair end up with bald spots and broken hair at the scalp.
The most harmful method is gluing each strand of hair at the scalp. Hair can be revitalized mostly from within. You must supply nutrients to your hair follicles through vitamin supplementation. Early in life, my hair began to recede called the “e-line”. My hair was rather thin until I added biotin to my diet. Biotin is the most important factor in supplying proper nutrients to your supplementation. I have been taking GREAT HAIR by Vitol. It contains high potency of Biotin 5000 mcg’s plus systien, 74 minerals, plus other needed ingredients in its formula to have Great Hair Days!

 Written by: Val Vasilef N.D, Mr. America, (The Russian Bear) researcher of sports science and high-tech nutrition, founder of  Vitol Products.

  • 100% Natural
  • 5000 mcg Biotin
  • Complete Source of Nutrients including 74 minerals and trace minerals

Great Hair Vitamin

Great Hair is designed to reflect the most current findings in human nutrition and herbal science. Containing 5,000 mcg of Biotin in a powerful formula of 74 minerals and Cysteine, plus other natural ingredients, Great Hair is the most complete product of its kind. Great Hair helps to regenerate hair follicles, and promote shiny, radiant hair.

Great Hair contains NO wheat, soy, dairy, sugar, artificial coloring, or preservatives. It is a completely natural product. Please keep bottle closed in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

Great Hair comes in both 60 and 120-count bottles, for your convenience.

Directions: As a dietary supplement for adults, take two tablets daily, preferably with a meal.


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