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  • As Promised - The March Dino Files! 03/20/2019
    New York gym owner and world famous strongman Sig Klein poses with some of his favorite old-school iron. Like Klein himself, these beautiful weights came from Germany - Prof. Attila, Sandow's trainer, brought them to New York! Hail to the Dinosaurs! As promised this morning, here's the linkto grab your copy of the March 2019 […]
  • How Long Should a Workout Take? 03/19/2019
    John Grimek always recommended the kind of workouts we teach here at Dino Headquarters - and you can't argue with his results!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Three quick notes, and then we'll talktraining.1. The Dinosaur FilesThe March issue of the world-famous Dinosaur Files strength training news-letter will be coming out sometime very soon - probably later today […]
  • How to Stay Out of the Danger Zone! 03/18/2019
    John Grimek shows what old-school strength and muscle looks like in action!Hail to the Dinosaurs!I saw an interesting article the other day reporting on several recent studiesthat looked at the effect of various factorson injuries suffered by (1) runners and (2)rugby players.Now, I know that running and rugby aredifferent than strength training, but bearwith me. […]
  • Yes, We're Alive and Well - and Busy as Ever! 03/17/2019
    A classic shot from the original Dinosaur Dungeon - finishing a one-hand swing with 151 pounds. Fun times from more than 20 years ago!  Hail to the Dinosaurs!I've not been posting on the Blog this year, and severalof you have asked if I'm okay - and if I'm still runningthe Dinosaur Training business and selling my […]

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  • The Pull is Not an Extension - Carl Miller (1974) 03/23/2019
    Originally Published in This IssueInternational Olympic Lifter April 1974. Thanks to Liam Tweed for Letting Us Read It!The modern pull is a lift, not an extension. It is a summation of straight forces from the floor to the top. Let us go through some of the highlights of the pull which make it so. We pull the bar […]
  • How I Train for the Bench Press - Reg Park (1954) 03/23/2019
    Reg Park. Check out that bench. The bench press is without doubt one of the most popular of all body-building exercises. Here are some of the other exercises which I found beneficial in helping me to bench press 480 pounds.  - Parallel bar dips with weight tied to the waist. - Bench press off boxes. For ligament and tendon […]
  • Dave Draper Interview (2003) 03/23/2019 Draper's Newsletter Columns: Can you tell us the difference between your on-season diet and off-season diet? DD: My diet is pretty much the same year round, high protein, low carb, and medium good fats. Remember, I'm 61 years old and though I train harder and more effectively in many ways than I did during my […]
  • Developing a High Poundage Snatch - Peary Rader 03/22/2019
    Article Courtesy of Liam Tweed.Thank You!!!Developing a High Poundage Snatchby Peary Rader From the December 1957 Issue of IronMan Lifting NewsVol 4 No 4We have now finished our bodybuilding program preparing you for the snatch (note: Rader, as well as many others, recommend putting in some foundation and flexibility work before going on to the quick […]