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  • The "What Would Happen?" Question 03/26/2019
    John Davis was the youngest man in history to win the World Championship in Weightlifting - and went on to win a total of six World Championships and two Olympic Gold medals. Hail to the Dinosaurs!One quick note, and then we'll talk training.1. The March Dinosaur FilesThe March Dinosaur Files is out, andthe little monster […]
  • As Promised - The March Dino Files! 03/20/2019
    New York gym owner and world famous strongman Sig Klein poses with some of his favorite old-school iron. Like Klein himself, these beautiful weights came from Germany - Prof. Attila, Sandow's trainer, brought them to New York! Hail to the Dinosaurs! As promised this morning, here's the linkto grab your copy of the March 2019 […]
  • How Long Should a Workout Take? 03/19/2019
    John Grimek always recommended the kind of workouts we teach here at Dino Headquarters - and you can't argue with his results!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Three quick notes, and then we'll talktraining.1. The Dinosaur FilesThe March issue of the world-famous Dinosaur Files strength training news-letter will be coming out sometime very soon - probably later today […]
  • How to Stay Out of the Danger Zone! 03/18/2019
    John Grimek shows what old-school strength and muscle looks like in action!Hail to the Dinosaurs!I saw an interesting article the other day reporting on several recent studiesthat looked at the effect of various factorson injuries suffered by (1) runners and (2)rugby players.Now, I know that running and rugby aredifferent than strength training, but bearwith me. […]

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  • Thigh Training - Reg Park (1955) 07/20/2019
    Thanks to Liam Tweed! Oops. For the majority, the thighs are a relatively easy section of the body to develop, but whilst it will mainly interest those of you who find thigh development difficult this article will also serve as a form of variety in exercise for the more fortunate ones.You will have gathered from my previous […]
  • Training on the Olympic Lifts, Part Four - Jim Halliday 07/20/2019
    Article Courtesy of Liam Tweed.When doing the assistance exercises scheduled in this series it is not in your interest to make them easier. You are not trying to establish a high standard of poundages, but endeavoring to strengthen weak points in your makeup (hey, so similar to the previous bodybuilding article by Bob Green!) and […]
  • Forced Reps, Form and Cheating - Bob Green 07/18/2019
    "Comrades, let's do morning exercises!" (1952)"I wanna get big!" the young man exuded within seconds of sitting down in front of my desk When folks came into my gym I always asked them, naturally, what their goals were and then would go on to explain how we could on to explain how we could go about […]
  • MA Strength - Chinese Weightlifting Technique & Mastery (2018) 07/17/2019 pages. TABLE OF CONTENTSLIST OF TABLES 10LIST OF FIGURES 12Introduction 16Chapter 1: History and Development of Weightlifting in China Weightlifting in Ancient China 21Weightlifting in Recent Centuries 24Contemporary Weightlifting 2Chapter 2: Chinese Weightlifting Philosophy: 3 Principles and 5 Words 3 Gravity Principles 35Analysis of Weightlifting Techniques 385 Words 45Close 45Fast 48Low 49Timing 50Stable 50Conclusion […]
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