Val Vasilef, N.D.

Val Vasilef, N.D. is an award-winning bodybuilder and Mr. America winner. He has been honored by his home state for achieving unmatched weightlifting and bodybuilding records. In addition to his physical pursuits, Val studied nutrition and sports science, and earned a doctorate in naturopathy.
Connect with him @valvasilef.

Break your Plateau with this muscle confusion system

First week: use 3 sets per exercise for the first 2 weeks then progress to 4 sets per exercise after next 2 weeks perform 6 who reps for pecs, back, lats, delts, arms and traps. Perform 10 Reps for calves thighs forearms and abs. Week 2: increase all exercise by 2 reps (use first month wrap program for all weeks) Week 3: change up all exercises. Example: change from barbell curl to dumbbell curls or narrow to wide grip on barbell other examples: change bench press grip medium to wide; leg stance in squats Etc these changes are extremely important in the Russian Bear training system. Week 4: use same exercise as third week repeat this program for months to follow.