Russian Bear Success Story

(Val’s amazing, record-setting,no-swing, one-arm, 150½-poundcurl. This was performed without raising his shoulder from the bench.)

Val Vasilef  is an award-winning bodybuilder and Mr. America winner. He has been honored by his home state for achieving unmatched weightlifting and bodybuilding records.In addition to his physical pursuits, Val studied nutrition and sports science, and earned a doctorate in naturopathy. This knowledge came in handy when the usually well-bulked bodybuilder lost weight and muscle. His uncharacteristic slimness occurred after starring in his own TV series left him less time to concentrate on fitness. “I watched in horror as my muscular body got skinnier, and my mass and density took a hike,” he says. “I tried to overcome my muscle loss by training harder. I frantically searched for info on bodybuilding products in magazines, hoping to stop my weight loss.” Val tried bodybuilding products that claimed to pack on muscle immediately — but none worked. His wife, Susan, a Miss World Physical Fitness winner and commentator on the show, says the audience was starting to notice, too. “They were asking, what happened to Val’s muscles?” she says.

(Val in scene from the Val Vasilef Health Entertainment Show with Susan, at left.)

Down to 175 pounds from his once-muscular, 215-pound body, Val had lost more than 40 pounds of muscle. “I was fed up with worthless programs and muscle-building products that did nothing but waste my time and drain my pockets,” he recalls. “But I had made worldwide contacts in muscle-building resources.” These included hi-tech Russian researchers, U.S. world champs and of course, the wisdom of his Uncle John, the “Russian Bear.”

(Val in TV commercial, after using Russian Bear program.)

Val succeeded in designing a powerful muscle-building system for weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes. Named Russian Bear, it also incorporates a free training program.

With the Russian Bear system, Val’s weight soon climbed back to 215 pounds of hard muscle mass. “I constantly had to defend myself at the gym. People couldn’t believe my muscle gains were completely natural, without steroids,” he says. “Everyone wanted to know what I was taking.”

(Val as physical-fitness trainer for a police power-lifting team that used the Russian Bear program.)

 The Journey To Mr. America (Biography)

Learn even more about Val’s incredible story “From Poverty To Untold Success” in his biography. An inspirational success story of Val Vasilef begins at the age of 8. Against all odds of poverty and discrimination, Val shows how a person can come from the depths of hell ato be a world prominent figure. Excelling as a world class athlete, business entrepreneur and a polished television entertainer. Val says, “come with me through my life story and see how you can also become successful if you choose.” Financial opportunity is presented to anyone who wishes to grab the brass ring.

Val Vasilef on success: “One of the important things was to have self respect, but you must first respect others. Don’t always think about receiving and not giving. Selfishness will eventually bring you down. Be thankful for the things you have, because others may have less. Above all be a good person and a man of your word, your actions, not just words, will tell if you truly are that person.”

“Most people believe that a person who owns a business has made it. They don’t see the effort that goes into a business to make it flourish. But on the other hand. anyone can make a million bucks! Because chances of anyone becoming wealthy are great! I will put money on you to acquire great wealth before I put a dime on you winning a national world title!

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