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Val’s amazing, record-settingno-swing, one-arm, 150½-poundcurl

This was performed without raising his shoulder from the bench!

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Val Vasilef as physical-fitness trainer for the New Jersey's police power-lifting team uses the Russian Bear program for record breaking results

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Golden Era Bodybuilding

This bodybuilding page features The Golden Era of Bodybuilding…watch for updates including more photos, links to articles videos, interviews and the opportunity to purchase authentic mint condition magazines!

RSS Dinosaur Training

  • The Old School Strength Q and A 12/07/2018
    The Old School Strength Q and A is exactly like sitting down and talking about training with me - and getting detailed answers to your most important training questions. Hail to the Dinosaurs!Imagine that you were training withme right here at Dinosaur Headquarters.We'd lift tons of iron and have tons offun.We'd scare the heck out […]
  • Brooks Kubik's Strength Training Collection - List No. 2 - Iron Man's Lifting News 12/07/2018
    Peary Rader's wonderful Lifting News magazine is almost impossible to find at any price - but here's a very special chance to grab some vintage copies of this excellent old-school strength and power publication at a rock-bottom, bargain basement !Brooks Kubik's  Strength Training Collection List No. 2 – Iron Man Lifting NewsI'm selling 32 issues […]
  • How to Build Herculean Super Strength 12/04/2018
     World and Olympic champion John Davis built plenty of strength and power with old-school, Dino-style training methods.Hail to the Dinosaurs!Two quick notes and then we'll talk training.1. Strength and Health magazinesfor SaleTrudi and I want to move to the Pacific Northwest next year, andthat means I need to clear out all of my duplicate strength […]
  • And Then the Fun Began . . . 12/04/2018
    He grabbed him by the leg - and then the fun began . . . . Hail to the Dinosaurs!I left you hanging yesterday with anemail titled:He Grabbed Him by the Leg . . .Today's email completes the title:And Then the Fun Began . . .And yes, there's a story there.It goes back almost 50 […]

RSS The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban

  • Five Classic Workouts 12/10/2018
    https://www.muscleandfitness.com/flexonline34 Years Ago65 Years Ago Arnold SchwarzeneggerAt the 1968 Mr. Universe contest in Miami (above), a show won by Frank Zane, Joe Weider came face-to-face with 21 year old runner up Arnold. Standing nearly 6'2" and weighing in at 250 pounds, the Austrian native was a sight to behold. Joe Weider had an eye for potential, […]
  • Tommy Kono 12/10/2018
    Article Courtesy of Liam Tweed.Originally Published in This Issue (October 1956) How 'bout that strict Press form! Tommy Kono was born twenty-five years ago (June 27, 1930) in Sacramento, California, but he now lives in Honolulu, where he manages a physical culture equipment and health store. In Honolulu he lives with Dr. Richard You, that very famous […]
  • Training Articles From a Single Magazine - Part Seven 12/09/2018
    Skip LaCourhttps://skiplacour.com/Happiness is VictoryDo you ever feel like an oddball when you're around people who don't train or work out? Do you find that, no matter how hard you try to explain the happiness you get from your disciplined lifestyle, they just don't get it? "Why in the world would you subject yourself to such […]
  • Training Articles From a Single Magazine - Part Six 12/09/2018
    Steve HolmanQuestion: Help! I need abs fast. Can you give me the perfect routine so I don't waste time?Answer: Getting abs is more than just using the perfect routine. You also have to have a bodyfat level that's below 10%, which can be difficult. With that said, let's focus on a routine.Working your rectus abdominus […]
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Our research in ADVANCED SPORTS SCIENCE NUTRITION creates the most high-tech quality supplements for optimal results. Our commitment to designing a powerful muscle-building system for weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes has lead the industry in innovations for over four decades.