The Original Russian Bear inspiration for Vitol

The Original Russian Bear in Russia is considered and revered as the strongest of all. It is also the symbol of greatness and power.

After much research Dr. Val Vasilef developed a formula that encompassed Russia’s and USA’s vital information. A new
great day was here, Russian Bear was born. A product named after My uncle, John, who held the distinction of being the most powerful athlete in Russia. Uncle John’s strength was challenged nearly on a daily basis. He was truly the real deal, a circus strong man who held peoples lives in jeopardy if his Russian Bear strength faltered. One of his spectacular feats of strength utilizing a cable at one end strung up over forty feet in the air, thus sliding down to the floor carrying two performers with only a strap held around his neck.

Uncle John, The Russian Bear.
Imitated by many, but equaled by none.


Uncle John, The Russian Bear ….inspiration to create a power and bodybuilding product that can not and will not be matched by any other so called “me too” or “copy cats.”

Vitol bodybuilding products & supplements are designed to give you an all natural hard muscle mass.

Get the results of the Original Russian Bear!

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