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  • 10 Reasons for Older Dinosaurs to Keep on Training 01/27/2019
    I've been hitting the iron for over 50 years now - and I plan to keep on going for a very long time!Hail to the Dinosaurs!I was talking with a guy I used to work with but haven't seen for anumber of years.He asked me if I was still training.The answer, of course, is "Yes, […]
  • Straight Talk on Getting Back Into Training 01/11/2019
    Would you believe that World and Olympic champion John Davis once had to get back into training after a long lay-off? It's true - because he couldn't train much at all during World War II - but when he got home and started to hit the iron, things started to happen fast!Hail to the Dinosaurs!One […]
  • 25 Good Ones for Kindle Fans! 01/11/2019
    Hail to the Dinosaurs!I know that many of you arebig Kindle fans - and I also know that a cold weekend is the perfect time to grab abook or two and do some reading - hopefully in frontof the fireplace!So here's a reminder.Dino Training has moved from the Jurassic era to the 21st century.We're offering […]
  • A Question About Heavy Partials - and My Answer! 01/11/2019
    I've been getting tons of questions about my new training course on heavy partials - so here's the latest one - and my answer to it!Hail to the Dinosaurs! I hope this email finds you strong, healthy and powering forward intothe New Year! And speaking of powering forward - one of our longtime Dinos - […]

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  • Equipment, From the 60's to the 80's - Larry Scott 02/02/2019
    Here's a Larry Scott article from the April '89 issue of Muscle & FitnessIt's interesting to consider the many changes that have taken place in bodybuilding over the last 20 years. Actually, it's incredible. If you had walked into any bodybuilding club in the mid '60s, you would have found mostly barbells and dumbbells. If there were […]
  • How It All Began, Part Three - Larry Scott 01/29/2019
    Parts One and Two are Here: gradually dawned on me. I would have to leave Idaho if I was ever going to get anywhere in bodybuilding. I needed to make my way to California, the mecca of bodybuilding, if I was going to continue to make progress. I just had to have some excuse for […]
  • Motivation and Determination 01/28/2019 The Author, Jim Schmitz We each lift weights for varying reasons, and I am often asked. why and when did I start weightlifting? It was June 27th, 1960. I took up weightlifting in order to build myself up to be better for football, basketball, and baseball.  I noticed that the best athletes also had the […]
  • How It All Began, Part Two - Larry Scott 01/25/2019
    Part One is Here: All Right! The Great Scott spends some time with us describing the what's it . . . that mystical experience that strikes the lifter upon discovering his newfound passion . . . George [Paine] had one of the most impressive triceps ever developed by anyone. His external head was standing out on […]