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  • The "What Would Happen?" Question 03/26/2019
    John Davis was the youngest man in history to win the World Championship in Weightlifting - and went on to win a total of six World Championships and two Olympic Gold medals. Hail to the Dinosaurs!One quick note, and then we'll talk training.1. The March Dinosaur FilesThe March Dinosaur Files is out, andthe little monster […]
  • As Promised - The March Dino Files! 03/20/2019
    New York gym owner and world famous strongman Sig Klein poses with some of his favorite old-school iron. Like Klein himself, these beautiful weights came from Germany - Prof. Attila, Sandow's trainer, brought them to New York! Hail to the Dinosaurs! As promised this morning, here's the linkto grab your copy of the March 2019 […]
  • How Long Should a Workout Take? 03/19/2019
    John Grimek always recommended the kind of workouts we teach here at Dino Headquarters - and you can't argue with his results!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Three quick notes, and then we'll talktraining.1. The Dinosaur FilesThe March issue of the world-famous Dinosaur Files strength training news-letter will be coming out sometime very soon - probably later today […]
  • How to Stay Out of the Danger Zone! 03/18/2019
    John Grimek shows what old-school strength and muscle looks like in action!Hail to the Dinosaurs!I saw an interesting article the other day reporting on several recent studiesthat looked at the effect of various factorson injuries suffered by (1) runners and (2)rugby players.Now, I know that running and rugby aredifferent than strength training, but bearwith me. […]

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  • Dr. Ken Leistner Workout 04/14/2019
    This tape was made for the enjoyment of the Leistner children and friends of the family, with a special "Thank You" to Steve Baldwin, Pat Casey, and Sean Kelleher for their insistence that it be made. Check this out. I believe Mr. Leistner was around 160 lbs. Not sure of his age in this workout, around 52.Prepare to […]
  • Getting Started on a Strength Program - Bill Starr 04/14/2019
    Note: This is the second installment of Bill Starr's Only the Strong Shall Survive series he wrote for IronMan magazine. The first installment is here: very first step in getting started on a strength program is to have a well-organized plan. Sit down and take some time to lay out your routine so that you […]
  • Eight Sets of Eight - Tom Venuto (2002) 04/14/2019
    Note: I'm going to include a short article by Steve Holman on his opinion and uses of Gironda's 8 x 8 method.It will follow this article by Tom Venuto: SETS OF EIGHT: Vince Gironda's Radical Muscle-Building Systemby Tom Venuto (2002) When Joe Weider brought Arnold to America, the first thing Weider did was to send the over-bulked Austrian […]
  • I'm Married to a Weightlifter - Sandy Cantore 04/12/2019
    Mr. Sandy Cantore, er, Dan CantoreFrom This IssueCOURTESY OF LIAM TWEEDBob Hise and Sandy CantoreBob Hise at USA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame: article is dedicated to all the wives, girlfriends, and lovers of men who are athletes, those in particular who are Olympic Weightlifters. My name is Sandy Cantore, and I am […]
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