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EGG White Protein


  • Made with all-natural egg white
  • NO Fat
  • NO Cholesterol
  • NO Carbohydrates

100% Egg Protein is enzyme activated with Papain and Bromelaine, and energized with natural bee pollen. Made with all-natural egg white, natural bee pollen, and natural papaya enzymes, 100% Egg Protein has

  • NO Fat
  • NO Sugar
  • NO Starch
  • No Salt
  • NO Cholesterol
  • NO Carbohydrates
  • NO Synthetic Coloring
  • NO Artificial Sweetener
  • NO Coal Tar Derivatives

100% Egg Protein is now available in 12 oz and 40 oz sizes, and in both Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate flavors.

Directions: As a protein supplement, add two tablespoonfuls to any juice of your choice. For best results, use a blender. Banana added to juice for a meal is excellent. A delicious milk shake can be made by adding your choice of the following: honey, malt, maple syrup, molasses, or natural cherry concentrate. This powder may also be mixed with soup, cereals, gravies, ground meat and pastries.

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