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Val’s amazing, record-settingno-swing, one-arm, 150½-poundcurl

This was performed without raising his shoulder from the bench!

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Val Vasilef as physical-fitness trainer for the New Jersey's police power-lifting team uses the Russian Bear program for record breaking results

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Golden Era Bodybuilding

This bodybuilding page features The Golden Era of Bodybuilding…watch for updates including more photos, links to articles videos, interviews and the opportunity to purchase authentic mint condition magazines!

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  • Straight Talk on Getting Back Into Training 01/11/2019
    Would you believe that World and Olympic champion John Davis once had to get back into training after a long lay-off? It's true - because he couldn't train much at all during World War II - but when he got home and started to hit the iron, things started to happen fast!Hail to the Dinosaurs!One […]
  • 25 Good Ones for Kindle Fans! 01/11/2019
    Hail to the Dinosaurs!I know that many of you arebig Kindle fans - and I also know that a cold weekend is the perfect time to grab abook or two and do some reading - hopefully in frontof the fireplace!So here's a reminder.Dino Training has moved from the Jurassic era to the 21st century.We're offering […]
  • A Question About Heavy Partials - and My Answer! 01/11/2019
    I've been getting tons of questions about my new training course on heavy partials - so here's the latest one - and my answer to it!Hail to the Dinosaurs! I hope this email finds you strong, healthy and powering forward intothe New Year! And speaking of powering forward - one of our longtime Dinos - […]
  • A Great New Training Program for 2019! 01/11/2019
    We've got something fun, new and different for Dinos. Read today's Blog post for the details!Hail to the Dinosaurs!If you're looking for a great newtraining program for 2019, I've got just what you need.It's a brand new Bodyweight Training course - and you can find it right here -along with links to some of my […]

RSS The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban

  • More Questions & Answers - John McCallum 01/17/2019
    Originally Published in This Issue (May 1970)Ollie came over the other night to get me to have a beer with him."Can't," I said ."I'm trying to answer a batch of letters." "How many you got to go?" he asked me."How many?" I said. "About two hundred, that's how many." "Good grief," he groaned. "You'll never make it." "I'll […]
  • The Quick Lifts, Start Here - Bill Starr 01/15/2019
    https://journal.crossfit.com/I've written articles on how to snatch, clean and jerk. By following the presentation, any athlete who is interested in the Olympic lifts can learn how to do them. I realize many athletes are tentative in trying these high-skill, explosive movements on their own, but they can still be done quite successfully. That's exactly how everyone […]
  • A Little More From Harry Paschall 01/14/2019
    Let us now leave the Land of the Squatters and travel on. Let's have a look at some of the other exercise routines which have gained rather wide acceptance since the introduction of the more or less basic squat in the early 1930s.  One of the earliest of these ideas was the "cheating" method of performing […]
  • Harry Paschall on the Squat Program 01/14/2019
    The Author in 1915bent pressing a 115-lb. barbell at age 17.  Mr.and Mrs. Bob Peoples would like to wish you a belated Merry Christmas.  And so would I.  Back in the early 1930s a friend of ours named Mark Berry was editor of Strength magazine. He had training with us in New York at Siegmund Klein's Gymnasium […]
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Our research in ADVANCED SPORTS SCIENCE NUTRITION creates the most high-tech quality supplements for optimal results. Our commitment to designing a powerful muscle-building system for weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes has lead the industry in innovations for over four decades.