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Val’s amazing, record-settingno-swing, one-arm, 150½-poundcurl

This was performed without raising his shoulder from the bench!

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Val Vasilef as physical-fitness trainer for the New Jersey's police power-lifting team uses the Russian Bear program for record breaking results

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Golden Era Bodybuilding

This bodybuilding page features The Golden Era of Bodybuilding…watch for updates including more photos, links to articles videos, interviews and the opportunity to purchase authentic mint condition magazines!

RSS Dinosaur Training

  • Spartan Is Best 12/14/2018
    World and Olympic champion John Davis spent much of his career training alone in the basement of a neighborhood church in Brooklyn - but he became one of the greatest lifters of all time!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Two quick notes, and then we'll talk training.1. Old Strength Magazines forSaleI'm selling tons of old strength magazines, including […]
  • A Brand New 12-Week Training Program! 12/14/2018
    We've got something new and fun for you -with a brand new 12-week training program that's fast, fun and effective!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Earlier today I mentioned that we havea great new training course for you -and that we were hoping to launch it today.Well, we did!It's a brand new Bodyweight Training course - and you […]
  • Will Weight Training Stunt Your Growth? 12/14/2018
    John Grimek's father and older brother didn't want him to lift weights - because they were afraid it would stunt his growth!Hail to the Dinosaurs!Two quick notes, and then we'll talktraining.1. Kindle Goes Old-School!John Wood and I have been settingthe Kindle bookstore on fire over the past couple of weeks.Our new books have been hitting […]
  • People Who Train 12/14/2018
    Old-timer Fred Rollon shows what old-school strength training and a healthy diet can do for a man. Rollon was nicknamed "the Human Anatomy Chart" back in the day.Hail to the Dinosaurs!Couple of quick notes, and then let's talk training.1. Strength and Health MagsI'm selling over 400 rare issues of Bob Hoffman's Strength and Health magazine.Strength […]

RSS The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban

  • Doug Hepburn - Reg Park 12/16/2018
    Thanks to Liam Tweed! Doug Hepburn: The Training Methods of the 1953 World Heavyweight Weightlifting Championby Reg Park (1956)This is the third series of articles in which we outline the training methods of famous weight-lifters, the two previous articles having covered Kono's and Stogov's routines respectively.Doug Hepburn is the only citizen of the British Empire ever to […]
  • Powerlifting Foundations and Methods - Boris Sheiko 12/14/2018
    https://renaissanceperiodization.com/sheiko-powerlifting-foundations-methodsTABLE OF CONTENTSForeword Chapter 1. Classification of Powerlifting Exercises 1.1. Historical overview 1.2. Principles of physical exercise classification 1.3. Classification of basic and additional exercises in powerlifting 1.4. Barbell squats exercises 1.4.1. Group 1 – competitive exercise 1.4.2. Group 2 – exercises for specific purposes 1.4.3. Group 3 – general developmental exercises 1.5. Bench press exercises 1.5.1. […]
  • The Power Snatch - For Developing Real Power 12/13/2018
    Article Thanks to Liam Tweed! Tommy Suggs and the Author, Bill Starr.Photo courtesy of Starting Strength: https://startingstrength.com/I had just finished a set of presses and was seated on a bench just outside the "pit" at world Gym Marin. I filled my time between sets observing Steve perform some clean & jerks in the pit. The pit […]
  • A Program for Functional Mass - Ken Leistner 12/12/2018
    I loved to read the articles of the late John McCallum in the journal Strength & Health. Wittily written, they offer the reader simple and at the same time extremely effective training programs. From my experience I can say that most athletes never make the progress which they hope for because of the following reasons: 1. […]
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Our research in ADVANCED SPORTS SCIENCE NUTRITION creates the most high-tech quality supplements for optimal results. Our commitment to designing a powerful muscle-building system for weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes has lead the industry in innovations for over four decades.