About Vitol Products

Vitol Products is an international wholesaler that provides the finest in body building, muscle building, and health products to distributors around the world. Vitol Products is always researching the latest innovations in health and nutritional science. Vitol Products has been in business selling quality nutritional, sports and health supplements in the USA for over 35 years. Our research in sports science and advanced nutrition creates the most high-tech quality supplements for optimal results. Vitol’s long-standing presence in the market is certainly proof that our products work! Vitol Products is dedicated to bringing people across the globe the best in fitness and health supplements.

Vitol Products was founded by Val Vasilef, former Mr. America and a Doctor of Naturopathy, and one of the foremost developers in natural, healthy products for bodybuilding, weightlifting, and muscle-building in the world. A winner of over 80 physique, power, and weight lifting awards, Val has long known the benefits of natural vitamins and minerals, and healthy products that provide support to the body’s natural systems. Val has also played an important role in the growth of the Health Food Industry in the United States when he partnered to start his Natural Foods Company, Health is Wealth 30 years ago.



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