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Val’s amazing, record-settingno-swing, one-arm, 150½-poundcurl

This was performed without raising his shoulder from the bench!

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Val Vasilef as physical-fitness trainer for the New Jersey's police power-lifting team uses the Russian Bear program for record breaking results

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Golden Era Bodybuilding

This bodybuilding page features The Golden Era of Bodybuilding…watch for updates including more photos, links to articles videos, interviews and the opportunity to purchase authentic mint condition magazines!

RSS Dinosaur Training

  • The Power of Positive Thinking (Part 1) 11/15/2018
    Like all great champions, John Davis learned what worked best for him - and then trained with total and complete confidence to achieve his goals. Hail to the Dinosaurs!Earlier this year - about six or seven monthsago - a longtime Dino here in Louisville decided to go on a special training program to build strength […]
  • Take a Peek Inside the November Dinosaur Files! 11/14/2018
    Each issue of the Dinosaur Files is jam-packed with great old-school workouts and training advice for drug-free trainees - and the November 2018 issue is no exception! Hail to the Dinosaurs!We released the November issue of The Dinosaur Files yesterday, and Dinos around the world have beensnatching it up like hotcakes.And that's great - because […]
  • Here's How to Gain 25 Pounds of Solid Muscle - Super Fast! 11/13/2018
    We have some big breaking news for Dinos - and a terrific new training program that one of our Dinos used to pack on 25 pounds of solid muscle in just four months.Hail to the Dinosaurs! I'll cut right to the chase. We just released the November issue of The Dinosaur Files, and it includes aterrific […]
  • Are Five Work Sets Too Much? 11/12/2018
    Having fun hitting some old-school split style snatches in the outdoor training area here at Dino Headquarters.After more than 50 years of training, each workout is still fun, fresh and enjoyable.Hail to the Dinosaurs!Two quick notes, and then we'll talk iron.1.The John Wood Report, No. 5 Issue no. 5 of The John Wood Report was […]

RSS The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban

  • Front Squat (excerpt) - Andy McKenzie/Mark Laws 11/18/2018
    http://combinedstrength.com/https://www.muscleandfitness.com/The ego can be such a cruel mistress at times, and leg day is one of those times. There are a whole host of reasons why the Front Squat is such a valuable weapon to have in your training arsenal, yet the more familiar and traditional Back Squat always seems to take center stage. The front […]
  • Frank Calta Interview - Doris Barrilleaux (1981) 11/18/2018
    There were several articles on Frank Calta's "Rotation for Recuperation" approach to training in the magazines of the early '80s . . . Thanks to Liam Tweed for sharing this interview with him! Q: Frank, you have a vary symmetrical and shapely physique. I'd like to discuss how you  handle some of your individual body part […]
  • Chest Training 1955 11/12/2018
    Originally published in this shockingly inappropriate issue (July '55)  HERE'S HOW TO DEEPEN YOUR CHEST by Joseph Weider, T.O.C. (T.M.B.)If you are a beginner and have found it tough to add inches to your chest during the introductory stages of bodybuilding training . . . if you're a more advanced man and lack good pectoral development and […]
  • Eight Pec Plans - Roger Lockridge (2018) 11/11/2018
    Subscribe: https://www.muscleandfitness.com/flexonline35 Years Ago70 Years AgoPlan One: Press and Pullover The combination of a power movement (bench presses) with a stretching movement (pullovers) creates a tremendous upper body pump. It's also a convenient superset, because after you finish the presses you can rotate 90 degrees on the bench to begin doing pullovers.  Bench Press - 4 x8-12superset withDumbbell […]
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